Rio Samaya Band

Spanish, Latin, World and Original Music
Hi, I am Pancho, the creator of our page,

For many years, since 1985, we were known as Pancho and Sal.  In the year 2009 we created a new signature, "Rio Samaya Band".

Our life has been mixed with travels, family, handicrafts, shows and recordings.

With our handicrafts we managed to raise our children, pay for studio time, do the production, art work, print and release 7 albums with original music., and are the distributors and sellers of them.

That's the way we are.

Our videos are simple.  They are memories, live shows and unique moments in our life, like a photo album with images and music... if occasionally we do some editing, it is just to give some flavour, nothing else...

I started my musical carreer on the streets in Europe.  After meeting Sal, we became a duo traveling worldwide looking for new frontiers with our music, entertaining in restaurants, bars, clubs, Theatres, Halls, schools, seniors homes, farmer markets and in the streets.

We are people amongst people... that's who we are...

You are here to know about us, and if you take your time, you will.

Welcome and enjoy watching and listening.
Our music is on Spotify, ITunes, Google Music
  1. Mi Love U
  2. Baila Baila
  3. Quien Sera - Sway
  4. Campo, Secretos and Baila Baila
  5. Caminando
  6. Mujer
  7. Secretos
'Rio Samaya Band'

Spanish, Latin, World and Original Music