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"Caminando" Ja's best video ...



Rio Samaya on the News in Denmark

Just before Argentina-Germany match




Denmark, Silkeborg at the Riverboat Jazz Festival 2014

Jam at Rampelus with Danish musicians at 2 AM...


Photo Terry  Van Arsdale, San Felipe, Baja California Mexico

New CD... "Live What u Love" click here

Click here to Discover Vancouver With Holly...

Videos from Rio Samaya plus everything Holly do around Vancouver with her camera..:)

Ja Pace Dancer at "Live What U Love"

CD  release party of Rio Samaya Band

video by Holly

"Caminando" at CD release video by Holly



"D'ou Je viens"

 video by Holly


Song inspire by a graphity in Arambol Beach

by Rio Samaya Band on the go away party at Dylan's Cafe, Arambol


More from Dylan's..


Un Dia de Sol

at People Restaurant- Arambol 2014


Secretos al People Restaurant, Arambol 2014


D'ou je viens at Dylan's Cafe, Arambol, Goa India 2014


Guantanamera and Welcome to tijuana at the Arpora Night Market 2014

Sea Horse Restaurant-

Arambol 2014 Goa India

"Bailame" with Kamila


Vancouver, Canada 2013


With Lo Pace....



Countries where Rio Samaya Band,

a.k.a Pancho and Sal has visited and play their music:

Peru-Bolivia-Argentina-Brazil-Mexico- Guatemala-Usa-Hawaii-Canada-Sweden-


Tunisia-China-Cambodia-Australia-New Zealand-India

Updated Biography 2013 Click here or PDF


June 23, 2013 at the North Shore Folk Fest


Original song"Mujer"-"Woman" 


Short Blurb..:)

Rio Samaya Band a.k.a Pancho and Sal

Travel and Music, or travelling with music is what Pancho and Sal have done in the last years touring the world, as well as across Canada.

The whole experience and being full time musicians has not only improved their act, but has also added new tunes and so many things to talk about during the show, giving a real sensation of moving around without moving from your seat.. 

In constant change, they remain the same couple we have been seeing year after year  bringing a musical display that will include songs in Spanish, English and French, while playing a variety of instruments, like guitar, ukulele, charango, drum, accordion and flutes,

 well... a very interesting  show.


Whistler, May 21,2013

With David Yates..

"Me Salvaste" (c)


"D'ou Je viens"




Pancho and Sal are based in Vancouver, Canada.

Born in San Jorge, Argentina, Pancho wrote poems from a young age. He moved to Europe to follow his dreams of playing the guitar and sharing his songs with the world. After touring in many countries, he became a troubadour style musician in the 80's in Sweden.

Playing with Gypsies in the South of France, he learned rumbas and flamenco. His compositions reflect these influences of flamenco and other folk rhythms. After years of exchange with other musicians, his original music has a wide diversity of styles.

Sal, who was born in England and raised in Canada, met Pancho in Cuzco, Peru, and from then on together as a family and musical duo have established a name for themselves. Sal compliments the music with her vocals, accordion, shakers, chachas, bombo and guitar.

They have a unique poetic style of translating simultaneously from Spanish to English.

You can enjoy Pancho and Sal at Folk Festivals, Community Centers, schools, restaurants, dance shows, concerts in the parks and numerous other events.

Youtube videos



Rio Samaya Band is a creation of the musical duo, Pancho and Sal.

The Rio Samaya Band is a traveling band that shares the stage with dancers, singers,

 musicians, jugglers, poets and an audience ready to have a collective experience of joy

 and fun.

Rio Samaya Band has a heart that beats in the present, fusion of music and talent, lovers

 of magic, full moons, forests, rivers, oceans and nights with friends around the fire.

Every show is unique and unscripted.

The Rio Samaya Band tunes in to channel music, to bring life, love and peace to everyone.

Pancho and Sal, they have created "The Rio Samaya Band", with the concept and project to tour the world like a duo and build up the band joining with local musicians using the Rio Samaya Band signature.

 The band has already debuted with incredibly talented musicians in

 Beijing, Tunisia, Newfounlad, Montreal and most recently in their home town, Vancouver.

Google "Pancho and Sal", you will find other appearances not posted here..

French and English radio:

CBC, 96.1, 102.7, 103.1 FM's, 1540 Am,


Global, City TV, Multicultural channel 20,


Mission Folk Festival, Harrison Festival of Arts,
In Harmony Music Fest, Trout Forest,
Caribbean Festival , North Van Folk Fest,
Blue Mountain, Point Roberts Festival, Harmony West Vancouver,
Camp Alexandra Fest, Latin Sumer Festival. Montreal Latin Days, Festival Mondial de la Terre, Mont Tremblant, Brigus Blueberry Festival, NL, Cupids 400, Cupids NL and so many more, incluiding Beijing China...
Commodore Ballroom, Wise Hall, Chilliwack Shows, Penticton and
many more in the interior of British Columbia and Vancouver Island..

Pancho and Sal also do presentations with bands from 3 up to 12 musicians, mixing all sorts of ethnic, acoustic, electronic and percussion instruments.
Pancho- Flamenco, Acoustic and electric Guitars, Charango, Quena, Traverse flutes, Harmonica, Drum and hand percussion.
Sal- Accordion, Guitar, Bombo Drum, Shakers and other hand percussion instruments.
  • "Vivirei" -I Would live-
  • "Cuando Salga la Luna", -When the Moon comes up-
  • "Revivir" -To Live Again-
  • "El Regalo" -TheGift-
  • "Secretos"  - Secrets -

  Video..."Baila Baila" Produced, filmed and edited by Ja Pace


The Columbia Theatre... don't miss this place...check www.thecolumbia.ca

"Live What You Love"


One more  "Live What you Love"

In this one the Family, Lo on guitar Craig on Bass, Ja on saw, Sal-Samaya on bombo and pancho-rio on ukulele


 video from Mariachi/Trubachi. event..

 Original song and dance

 Cada Dia que Yo vivo (every day that I live)


Ja Pace


 Chinese New Year, February 10, 2013

"Amar Cantar Bailar"

by Bocephus King, Rio Samaya and dancer Ja Pace


 "Del Otro Lado de la Calle" (Australia)


In Hornby Island

"Live What you Love"

This one is in Turkey with Yesim and Baris...


In Cambodia



 The Gypsy Caravan in Hornby Island


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 More Rio Samaya  videos click here


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Welcome back to visit us..Thank you, muchas gracias Rio Samaya Band